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Welcome to my official website! Please visit often for updates on my professional activities in both conducting and trombone performance.


As an artist and educator I believe in our innate curiosity, intelligence, openness to new experience, and desire to grow. Music has as much to offer as ever, as active engagement in the arts remains essential to human flourishing, and as the connections between the arts and other fields continue to expand.

The arts can and should be both an aesthetic and a social experience. I seek to make the performance of music fresh and vital by framing it in new contexts, sharing the connections I find and inviting others to discover their own. I am passionate about bringing my vision to a creative collaboration with others to engage audiences in new ways.


My blog focuses on music and the arts, their place in our culture, and on the craft, practice, and teaching of the arts as a lifelong path of discipline, discovery, and growth.


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  1. It is a great pleasure to read your entries on practicing and discipline in one’s life as well as in one’s music making. Your playing embodies much of what you write, and is an effective witness to the truth contained in the principles you expound. You will find me nosing around your website again.

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