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I don’t know the specific biological or neurological mechanisms that would pertain to whether the Vibrational Model is literally accurate or more of a metaphor – but at some level it feels right. Even if only metaphorically, each of us does both transmit and receive vibrations from others; and we are deeply influenced at both cellular and energetic levels both by these vibrations, as well as by the range of vibrations we detect as sounds (music, speech, or ambient sound or noise).

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How much practicing?

The most basic part of pursuing music at any level is learning what it means to Honor your Craft.  Many books address this topic – some of my favorites being Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind (see my first post), Eric Maisel’s Coaching the Artist Within, Eric Booth’s The Everyday Work of Art, and Twyla Tharp’s […]

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Shut up and play

There’s a lot of cross-talk in my life between music and sports, which I imagine is true for many musicians.  The first Sunday in April is the first local road race of the season, the Rome Fort to Fort 10k run.  This year I was excited for the new season, and even played some psych-up […]

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Zen Mind, Musician’s Mind

The inspiration for this blog is my favorite book, Shunyru Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.  Every time I pick up the baton or the trombone there is the feeling of starting over again from scratch.  Not completely, and not literally – but to some extent we are always beginning. There is, of course, a good […]

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